We keep your property looking brand new!

Our story

We started cleaning in the year 1993, offering a house cleaning service. In 1997 we expanded our business by also proving cleaning services to schools and elderly homes which we also provided them with a traditional window cleaning service. At that time we started proving a building maintenance service.

Through the years technology was advancing, so we updated our services from using the traditional window cleaning service to the new Water Fed Pole System in 2010, which we still use today. JC Window Cleaning is a family, and most of all, an honest business.


Meet the Team

We are currently a small family business, consisting of my wife and I, although we are open for a possibility of expansion as the business thrives and flourishes.

Juan Carlos Ruiz

I am the owner of JC window cleaning & maintenance.



Roslady Sanchez
Roslady, my wife, is the Co-owner of the company and she works with me in the cleaning work.